Tips for removing wax spots from any surface

The candles in the home decor create a cozy atmosphere, and during the holidays, they enhance the magic of the Christmas mood. However, their use often results in stains, on y favour orite cover, carpet or on the parquet, which sometimes prove to be more difficult to remove than they seem.

That’s why we’re giving you tips on how to treat wax spots effectively from any surface in the home:

The remedies you can use to remove wax are different and depend on the surface you will be treating. In any case, it is a general rule to let the wax dry before you start cleaning the stain to make it easier and more effective. Also, keep in mind that the uncoloured white wax is cleaner much easier than the colored wax. In both cases, however, hardened wax must not be scraped off with sharp objects, as there is a risk of tearing or scratching the surface. Here’s how to remove wax spots from the most common surfaces:

From the carpet

If  you drop  wax on the carpet, use the handle of a fork, knife or other object that will not cut the material to remove the larger pieces of wax. Then you can use the popular and effective practice – to put a paper towel on the stain and go over it with a hot iron. So the wax melts and absorbs into the towel, leaving no stain on the carpet. The same practice is also appropriate for removing wax from clothing, tablecloths and other textiles. To remove the color footprint of painted carpet wax, it is recommended to use a liquid dishwashing detergent immediately after removing the wax. Another option is to use the services of a cleaning company, such as the  Carpet Cleaning, Tunbridge Wells.

From wooden furniture and parquet

If the wax falls on the table, other wooden furniture or on the parquet, it is advisable to put ice on the stain to harden it. To avoid wetting the wood, place the ice piece in a clean cloth and leave it on the stain for at least 2 minutes. Once hardened, the wax can be removed using a wooden spatula, plastic card or other rounded object that does not scratch the surface.

Purification of the house of negative energy

You may have noticed that in some homes feel good and enjoyable, while others have a feeling that something pressuring you and if you are surrounded by some evil power. But if it comes to your home, you should take matters into your own hands. It’s easy to feel that your home has negative energy if lately ride without occasion with your loved ones and feel bad at the moment you cross the threshold of your home.

Check with church candle if you do. Light church candle and walk with it through the rooms in your home. If in some places in your home candle begins to crackle, the flame flickers or goes out black smoke, it means that your home has entered negative energy.

That your home has seen negative energy and other – your friends suddenly find excuses not to come to visit your home and prefer to meet outside. If you have a pet, it will also help you find negative energy. Animals become very nervous all day stand at the door and every time you open attempt to go out. If you do not have a pet you can ask some of your friends to give you his cat or dog and take it in your home. It is important the animal be calm in its nature, because every animal will be more nervous in foreign place.

Another detector of negative energy are indoor plants. If suddenly they begin to suffer and die despite grafting, changing the soil and fertilizers, so in your home happens something unpleasant. Sometimes when the flowers react to negative loads they absorb negativity on themselves at the expense of those who care for them. Or in simple words they sacrifice for their master.

The fastest and easiest way to purify the home from negative energy is call a priest to make the consecration of the premises.

But you yourself try to deal with the negative energy in your home and put it away. The first thing to do is to search the entire home for items that can be imported from someone else who wants to harm you. This most often needles being driven into the door frames, if wooden or poking under beds and sofas. If you find any objects whatever, bury them deep in the ground away from your home.

A piece of tree or shrub can clear your house of negative energy. You need not very big piece of one of the following plants: aspen, poplar, lilac. This piece should stand in the room where do you think has the most negative energy. After a week, throw that piece in a river or waterfall.

Corn grain can also be used to absorb negative energy. Throw them around the premises, then dice them one day away from home. Nurture in your home red geranium, then chasing the negative energy of the premises.

Before you take care for the purification of the house of negative energy is good to clean your home. You can do it alone or by professional cleaning agency such as end of tenancy cleaning East London, click here to learn more.

How to remove stains of wax

Everyone is faced with unpleasant stains of wax left on clothes, blankets and whatnot in our home. But do not be afraid and do not rush to check off your favorite cover. There are a few tricks that will help you remove them, without having to hide or dispose of affected materials.

If the rest of the wax is of a garment, the most common method for cleaning is with paper and iron. Before proceeding, the best is to scrape with a knife what we can from the dress.

The paper is better to be white or very light in color as a plump tissue, wrapping paper, a sheet of notebook, copy paper, blotting paper or kitchen roll. Should be soft and absorbent, the goal is it to take the wax. Do not use newspaper – he has a pattern of ink that would be printed on the fabric.

The paper is placed on both sides of the fabric and top pass several times with the iron. Every time put clean paper over the stain with wax until no traces on the paper and the stain of Wax “go out”.

In some cases, however universally adopted cleaning does not help, as if dripping with colored wax after the ironing and the paper will remain splash of color. If is white textiles may try to whiten, if not, then try this:candle-397965_960_720

No pre-grinding wax immediately after the dropping put the garment in the chamber of the refrigerator. When it freezes the wax will sit as dried mud on the garment and easily can be removed by scraping.

The next possible trick against stains of wax depends on the material that was dropped. If it lets soak it in domestic gas for half an hour. It will take the last remnants of wax. Then wash with soapy water or liquid detergent without fragrance.

Tricks for cleaning wax are practical, but when you take their application Be careful. Use them depending on the materials involved, as well as wax, with which they are marred.

I will give you some tips how to remove wax and paraffin from hard surfaces. If caught paraffin on metal, wood or plastic surfaces at home, you can try the following method:

With ice cube freeze the paraffin until hardened very well. Then scrape off most voluminous part of it. Finally, wipe the affected area with a solution of detergent and water.

Rinse well and dry.

This method is efficient for linoleum, painted with oil paint surface, mosaic, Plexiglas, marble.

I know these tricks from one End of tenancy cleaning, Maidstone company. You can try it too.

How to prepare for your spring cleaning?

The beautiful weather is slowly making its way through the long winter days and we feel the need of opening our homes to welcome spring. One sure thing that accompanies the greeting of a new season is the cleaning. We want our homes to be clean and tidy and that is why spring cleaning is performed by many households. Spring cleaning is an enjoyable and fun activity that can involve the whole family. Here are the things you must do to prepare for it.


This is the perfect time to clean your wardrobes, kitchen cupboards and get rid of all those dust collectors that you never find a place for. Ask your kids to place in a box for donations any unwanted toys that have not been damaged.easter-eggs-1741213_640 In another box they need to put the damaged ones that will be trashed. You can do the same with all of your unwanted items. You can even organize a garage sale to raise some cash for new clothes or toys.

Assign tasks 

The best way to plan a fun and stress free spring cleaning is to allocate tasks to each family member. This way nobody will be in the way of the other and the cleaning process will go smoothly. Assigning cleaning tasks is a very important step for a successful cleaning day.

Prepare homemade solutions 

If you want the spring cleaning to be safe for you and your family, don’t buy cleaning products from the shop but rather make your own. You will be surprised how you have everything needed right there in your kitchen cupboards. Research the internet for the best homemade cleaning solutions and get cracking.

Spring cleaning can be easy and fun if you prepare for it properly. Involve the family in it and don’t forget to reward them when you are done!

The Housekeeper’s One Hour Cleaning Routine

The situations when you need to perfect your house really fast and make it look perfect again are numerous. No matter whether your mum has called telling you that she is on her way to your house, whether a bunch of friends just texted you telling you that they are stopping by for a glass of wine, whether an old friend is coming for a coffee and a catch up or the mummy of your little kid’s best friend is bringing him to your place, you need to make this house look nice and you need to cope with this problem in a minimal amount of time. In fact, the simplest reason for you always being in a hurry is that you have two days off every week and the last thing you dream of doing then is cleaning your house. So the weekly cleaning routine is an hour or two in a late Friday afternoon for the sake of having the weekend schedule free. But no matter how much you want to clean fast and to take care of all the tasks, you are never doing this right and it always takes you too much time.

The truth is that there is only one person who can teach you how to clean fast and efficiently and this is the expert housekeeper. She is doing this for a living, which means that she has the necessary experience to cope with the entire situation, but in the same time after cleaning for 8 hours straight, she doesn’t want to go home and clean for 8 more – that is how she learnt to clean super fast. And here are the two main advice she gave – write them down now and never ever forget about them.

If you are looking for professional cleaning services, you can rely on London End of Tenancy Cleaning!

Plan it  

First of all, you need to know what you have to complete for the day. The weekly clean-ups have one major advantage – they are not super inclusive. In the same time, their only disadvantage is that they are different each week. dishes-315084_640This means that if you wash the windows this Friday, you won’t need to worry about them next week, but then you will have to clean the oven deeply, for instance. That is why you need to spend a couple of minutes and make a separate and accurate to-do list every week. Once you have this, everything else is facile.


If your aim is to clean as much as possible in a minimum amount of time, then one thing is super essential – the preparation. Imagine trying to clean the oven in a half an hour and not having the right detergent. Well, you will waste so much time going to the supermarket, choosing the best one, and then coming back to the kitchen that the cleaning will take you ages. That is why, after you have finished the to-do list think about all the things you will need and then supply them as soon as possible. Having this in mind, your clean-up will be more than successful.

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