How to remove stains of wax

Everyone is faced with unpleasant stains of wax left on clothes, blankets and whatnot in our home. But do not be afraid and do not rush to check off your favorite cover. There are a few tricks that will help you remove them, without having to hide or dispose of affected materials.

If the rest of the wax is of a garment, the most common method for cleaning is with paper and iron. Before proceeding, the best is to scrape with a knife what we can from the dress.

The paper is better to be white or very light in color as a plump tissue, wrapping paper, a sheet of notebook, copy paper, blotting paper or kitchen roll. Should be soft and absorbent, the goal is it to take the wax. Do not use newspaper – he has a pattern of ink that would be printed on the fabric.

The paper is placed on both sides of the fabric and top pass several times with the iron. Every time put clean paper over the stain with wax until no traces on the paper and the stain of Wax “go out”.

In some cases, however universally adopted cleaning does not help, as if dripping with colored wax after the ironing and the paper will remain splash of color. If is white textiles may try to whiten, if not, then try this:candle-397965_960_720

No pre-grinding wax immediately after the dropping put the garment in the chamber of the refrigerator. When it freezes the wax will sit as dried mud on the garment and easily can be removed by scraping.

The next possible trick against stains of wax depends on the material that was dropped. If it lets soak it in domestic gas for half an hour. It will take the last remnants of wax. Then wash with soapy water or liquid detergent without fragrance.

Tricks for cleaning wax are practical, but when you take their application Be careful. Use them depending on the materials involved, as well as wax, with which they are marred.

I will give you some tips how to remove wax and paraffin from hard surfaces. If caught paraffin on metal, wood or plastic surfaces at home, you can try the following method:

With ice cube freeze the paraffin until hardened very well. Then scrape off most voluminous part of it. Finally, wipe the affected area with a solution of detergent and water.

Rinse well and dry.

This method is efficient for linoleum, painted with oil paint surface, mosaic, Plexiglas, marble.

I know these tricks from one End of tenancy cleaning, Maidstone company. You can try it too.

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